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By Sam Cuthbert | September 1983

Trellised clouds upwards towards

earth’s moon

Set within a night-dome

of deep blue,

Waves breaking repetitive

and mighty along

sand-shores of Mind,

the Wind at liberty

to exhort and soothe

the torn Heart,

Island Lights distant

and mysterious across

seven miles of salt sea,

a young man on a screened-in

cottage porch above the beach,

his eyes racing, reflective,

to behold the one face

of his Creator,

nakedly paces the corridors

of sight,

in darkness lights a cigarette,

and drunk on the beer

of his abandon,

stares out across Time

to the beginnings of the world

and the fall of man.


And once what has been

has become what is,

and once the chain reaction

of God’s human history

has been followed to its source

in mortal hearts,

a quiet and yet relentless faith

in what must be abides

in the young man’s frightened eyes.

Reborn to his own lost courage,

nourished, sustained, and preserved

by images of a desert wind and Him

who walked through it

to a triumphant crucifixion on a hill

outside Jerusalem,

the young man sees the object of his faith

coming towards him across the water.

Amazed and terrified, lost in light,

he flies to the beach,

and steps out across the waves

to be blessed by his Master.

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