Volume > Issue > And Are We Still to Know?

And Are We Still to Know?


By Katherine Brown | April 1984

And are we still to know that thou art God?

The sea tells no mercy. Dark powers as­sail and drown us

unfathoming deeps, submerging stars.

In gathering terror our battered vessel groans

while hope and faith and thought of liv­ing fail —

into gales of devilish laughter tossed

and lost. My God, My God!

Shall we perish while you

in the eye of the storm

incredibly, sleep?

But still thou art whom all the waves obey;

a hush descends as gently as you rise.

Softspoken winds meek homage pay.

Under scattering dark we learn at last to trust

for signs that even quaking knees shall bow

and faltering tongues confess thee Prince

of Peace. Be still, my soul.

We shall yet live as stays

in the eye of the storm

incredibly, God.

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