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Amy Has Seen the Light (& the Darkness)

In a New Oxford Note (Sept. 2002), we told you about a book review in Our Sunday Visitor trashing Michael S. Rose’s Goodbye, Good Men, which was an exposé of the “gay” subculture in many of our Catholic seminaries. The review was written by Amy Welborn (who is now a well-known Catholic blogger). The title of the New Oxford Note was “Killing Michael Rose.”

Amy called Rose’s book “incendiary” and a “purported exposé.” She said the book should be read with a “healthy dose of skepticism.” She claimed that the thesis of the book is a “churchwide conspiracy against the orthodox and straight” in the seminaries. Rose never used the words “conspiracy” or “churchwide.”

But Amy has finally seen the light. In The New York Times (Sept. 28, 2005), she writes about the Apostolic Visitations of all of the seminaries in the U.S. She says: “Judging by press accounts, the effort is all about uncovering and expelling homosexuals — a purge, simply put.” She notes “the presence in seminaries of gay subcultures,” which was exactly what Rose brought up in his book, and she says: “Why is it considered unfair to expect priests and seminarians to live by the values of the institution they serve? Others may call it a purge, but I call it truth in advertising.” Yes, Amy has seen the darkness.

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