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Abortion in America: Legal & Unsafe


By Joseph Collison | June 2000
Joseph Collison is the Director of the Office of Pro-Life Activities for the Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, and Chairman of the Board of Caring Families Pregnancy Services. He also writes for the Four County Catholic, the diocesan newspaper of Norwich.

According to Planned Parenthood, abortion can be “a positive experience.” Children must be taught not only that abortion is safe but that pregnancy is dangerous. In It’s Perfectly Normal, a sex-education book for ten-year-olds, Planned Parenthood’s Robie Harris gives children nine reasons to have an abortion. She gives them no reason not to have an abortion.

At an International Planned Parenthood Federation conference, Deborah Rogow of the International Women’s Health Coalition told delegates that “the sharp distinction between abortion and contraception is more an ideological construction than a logical response to clients’ needs” while consultant Marge Berer “denied that abortion is inferior to contraception as a means of birth control,” and observed that “use of abortion for birth control may be preferable.”

From ocean to ocean Planned Parenthood’s representatives are invited into American schools to discuss “safer sex,” which, the speakers are careful to assure our children, means that contraception “works.” The speakers also contend that abortion is “simple and painless” and a “safe” solution to their problems.

How “safe” is abortion? American records relating to abortion injuries, if they exist at all, are not publicly reported, but the emergency rooms of metropolitan hospitals daily confront the damage done to aborting women: hemorrhage, perforated uterus, septicemia, and more. A survey of American obstetricians published in Your Body Ecology found that 87 percent have hospitalized women due to serious complications following legal abortions. Indeed, the problem is so serious that the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has revised its rules to require that all obstetric residents be provided “experience with management of complications of abortion,” whether or not abortion is part of their training.

Abortion damages the subsequent general health of aborted mothers. At the request of the Virginia Legislature, the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services reported that among women receiving state aid, those who gave birth to children were much healthier than those who aborted them. “The women with normal deliveries had 307 claims for subsequent health interventions. The women with legally induced abortions had 532 claims for subsequent health interventions.” In terms of dollars spent: “The women with normal deliveries cost the state $66,000 for health interventions; those who had an abortion cost the state $123,800.”

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