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If you've ever asked, "Why can't I access NOR's online articles?" then read on



The top three questions New Oxford Review gets from our subscribers are 1) “Why can’t I access online articles?”; 2) “How can I add online access to my print subscription?”; and 3) “Why does the website say my subscription is ‘inactive’?” If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these, read on.

1) “Why can’t I access online articles?” A print-only subscription, whereby you receive ten issues per year by mail, does not include full access to the NOR website. You can read some items (those featured in our Daily Feed email) but not the current issue or the NOR archives.

Good news awaits in the answer to 2) “How can I add online access to my print subscription?” We can convert the remaining value of your print-only subscription to a digital or a print+digital Combo! The first step is to register, for free, at our website. The email address and password you use during registration will be your key to full online access. (To register, click here: After registering, you have two options:

If  you have more than six months left on your print subscription, we can convert it to a print+digital Combo with no more payment due right away. Note, however, that in the conversion process the subscription’s length will shorten. After it expires, you can renew it as a Combo and continue receiving your ten print issues per year plus year-round digital access.

If  you have fewer than six months left on your print subscription, then we recommend that you renew online now, with a Combo, and we will convert the remainder of your print subscription into more Combo time. (Be sure to email us — — with a request to do so!)

As for 3) “Why does the website say my subscription is ‘inactive’?” The NOR website’s designation of your subscription as “active” or “inactive” applies only to digital access. So, if you have a print-only subscription, your online status will read “inactive.” Our database of print-only subscribers is separate from our online database.

How much is print versus digital, you ask? NOR’s very low subscription prices are as follows:

Print-only (ten issues per year, by mail): $24 for 1 year; $43 for 2 years; $59 for 3 years

Digital-only access: $29 for 1 year; $52 for two years; $64 for 3 years

Combo (print+digital), our best value: $38 for 1 year; $69 for 2 years; $97 for 3 years

If you’d like to “test drive” full website access, a 7-day free trial is available in the dropdown menu of subscription options. Remember to register first (click here:

If you’re already registered, renew or subscribe here:

You can reach our Subscription Office by email — — or by phone: (510) 526-5374.


Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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