Sweden Check-up

An update on the nation that may prove other Western governments wrong


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The Swedish government’s approach to coronavirus has been criticized all along by the media of other Western nations hell-bent on justifying their own economy- and job-killing overreactions. Although we need to wait and see what winter brings in the northern hemisphere, we can at least give an update on Sweden’s status.

According to the Worldometers page on Sweden (link below), which is current as of last week, Sweden’s number of daily deaths has been fewer than 10 since mid-July. Sweden’s curve of daily deaths looks like a steep hill that peaked in early April, has fallen gradually, and has become rather flat for over six weeks.

To see for yourself, scroll down to the fourth graph on this page: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/

Most U.S. media report only “new cases” (which are positive tests, however mild) or total cumulative deaths, but daily deaths (sometimes reported in weekly or bi-weekly batches, for statistical accuracy) are what really matters.


Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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