Now It’s Dutch Farmers

As with Canada's truckers, technocrats in the EU have pushed too far


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The latest group to protest faceless and heartless technocratic control is Dutch farmers. According to Joe Barnes at The Age (July 10), huge protests are sweeping the Netherlands “triggered by the introduction of laws designed to cut nitrogen and ammonia emissions by up to 95 percent” in the agricultural sector. The farmers, echoing the freedom convoys driven by Canadian truckers, are using their tractors to block food distribution centers and call attention to governmental bullies. A link to the full story is below. First, some highlights:

  • EU and Dutch technocrats don’t yet appear inclined to budge on their alleged climate-change goals, even though the continent is still recovering from COVID disruptions, and the war in Ukraine promises “spiraling fertilizer costs” and widespread food shortages.
  • Just as with Canada’s oddball prime minister Justin Trudeau, the Netherlands’ prime minister Mark Rutte allegedly has only called the farmers names, in private, and publicly raised questions over their right to protest. Rutte, like Trudeau, has been described as “in hiding.” (What’s with these newfangled politicians? Why do they seem so incapable of meeting with and talking to normal people like farmers and truckers?)
  • As with COVID rules, environmental policy and regulations are deemed “scientific” and therefore beyond debate.

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Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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