COVID Data Update

As some medical professionals have warned, the virus will be with us for a long time

A year and a half of COVID-time has passed, so it’s time for a data update. All along some medical professionals have warned that the virus will be with us for a long time — this much holds true. Putting aside the endless debates over lockdowns and masks, one cannot deny that a virus is a wild thing that resists being tamed.

The Worldometers website offers a wealth of COVID data; a link to the Worldometers COVID page is below. First, some updates for readers who (understandably) may have stopped listening to COVID statistics on a daily basis:

  • The U.S. is at 627, 351 total reported deaths, and Brazil is closing in with 551,906 total deaths, followed by India with 422,054 and Mexico with 239,079.
  • Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Iran, and Bangladesh report a recent surge in their numbers of deaths.
  • In terms of reported COVID deaths per million of population, the U.S. stands at 1,883. Brazil, by comparison, stands at 2,577 per million.
  • Sweden, which attracted early attention for trusting its citizens to mind their own health, reports 14,617 total deaths, which comes to 1,438 per million.

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Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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