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There is a dark side to Warren Buffett's money


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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is admired by Americans for his ability to make money. But there’s a dark side to all that cash. Hayden Ludwig’s “The Big Money Behind Abortion Activism,” in The American Conservative (Jan. 18), tells of Buffett’s “charitable” foundation, which since 2000 has given $4.7 billion — yes, billion — to abortion providers and “the vast array of activist, lobbying, and research groups insulating them in Washington.”

A link to the article is below. First, a few highlights:

  • Buffett’s foundation is named for his late ex-wife, a fellow “advocate of population control who left $2.5 billion to the foundation upon her death.”
  • Buffett’s biographer wrote that the billionaire feels a “Malthusian dread” of global overpopulation.
  • Before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Buffett and his business partner Charles Munger operated a fake church that helped women cross state lines to reach abortion clinics.

One wonders why filthy rich people are so often population-control fanatics. Perhaps they represent the flip side of the humanitarian call to “live simply so that others can simply live.”

The link:


Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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