Truth vs. Tinseltown

Mainstream media are dead-set against a new film

A group of fearless movie-makers is about to release Unplanned, a film based on Abby Johnson’s story of going from being manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic to becoming a highly effective pro-life activist. You can bet that the entertainment industry is dead-set against this film.

Check out these quotes from Unplanned’s co-writer and director Cary Solomon, who was recently interviewed by Roger Dubin for Catholic World Report (, March 20).

When asked about hurdles to distribution of the film, Solomon explains that on March 29th it opens on 1000 screens across the country—not a huge number. If crowds show up and the theatres make plenty of money, they won’t drop it but will add screenings. Meanwhile, Solomon says, “The political opposition will likely start protesting and spouting all kinds of nonsense, trying to destroy us and the movie.” But Solomon stands with truth: “So let the cards fall where they may; we’re on the side of the Lord, and this is it. This is what He told us to do and we did it.”

Solomon says the mainstream media are, so far, ignoring the film but “there’s a behind-the-scenes campaign to stop us cold.” He reports that many cable companies and TV stations are not accepting ads for the movie, and Facebook appears to be undermining it.

Yet through it all Solomon is hopeful “because of one thing: I know that Jesus will do what he wants to do. They tried to suppress God two thousand years ago and look what it got them. I defy anyone to try and keep Him silent. The more they try to put Him back in the bag, the more He’s going to come out the other side and do whatever it is He wants.”

The situation brings to mind the oft-cited quote that’s misattributed to Gandhi (but is perhaps rooted in a 1914 speech by union leader Nicholas Klein): “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Word of mouth is going to be key in this effort. Hey, let’s spread the word and see the movie.


Barbara E. Rose is Web Editor of the NOR.

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