Random Ruminations #8

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I’ve explained in the past that I keep a subscription to The New York Times primarily because it is a source par excellence for the insane musings of the Left. But even I could not believe the number of such inanities the Old Gray Lady managed to publish in just one day. To wit:

Must I Pay?

Three reporters [here] felt the need to tell us that a woman who holds $75,000 in student loans that she is now going to have to pay back “has a plan… She’ll cut back on her “fun budget” — money reserved for travel and concerts — and she expects to limit her holiday spending.” As Dr. Zachary Smith from the old “Lost in Space” series might have put it, “Oh, the pain, the pain!” To think that somebody actually expects a loan to be repaid — or even if that novelty is to be conceded — by the beneficiary rather than the American taxpayer! The headline called it the “last straw.”


All Talk

Four pundits comment on the consequences of open borders under the headline, “A Red State Strategy to Create a Blue State Crisis” [here]. No doubt Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott really wanted to bring in floods of illegal immigrants in order to transform blue states red; they were just pursuing their own version of “demographic change” (with political consequences). The pundits clearly can’t believe that when “sanctuary states” were confronted with the need to provide “sanctuary,” their noble rhetoric quickly turned into so much hot air. If the Times can get away with that headline, let me propose my own: “Red State Plan Promotes More Equitable Outcomes, Greater Diversity of Illegal Immigrants Up North.”


Deliberate “Errors”

Pennsylvania now admits that “human error” (i.e., a watchtower guard who didn’t notice) may in part be responsible for how illegal immigrant murderer Danilo Souza Cavalcante managed to escape jail and be on the lam for two weeks [here]. I guess we should not ask about the “human error” that let this illegal alien travel internationally to the United States after committing a murder in Brazil.


Not Sorry

Sam Bankman-Fried, the fraudster who collapsed cryptocurrency last November, is busy churning out 250+ pages of personal drivel about how he is so “hated” and must wear an ankle bracelet after attempting to tamper with witnesses. I guess we should not ask about the people standing on their feet at work to recoup the money they lost by entrusting it to the entitled kid of two professors.


Vague Values

Having lost the “living Constitution” versus real Constitution debate in the current Supreme Court, the Left via Jamelle Bouie [here] is now progressively delegitimizing the Constitution itself, counterposing it to “democratic values.” See, the Preamble really reads, “We the People of the United States… do ordain and establish these undefined values…” Don’t worry: the Times will tell you what those values are as you need them and as they make them up.


Lame Lament

Finally, a privileged Canadian authoress [here] who spent her college summer 30 years ago replanting trees in northern Ontario now laments having done that because (a) black spruce are flammable and (b) the original forest should not have been logged in the first place. I do hope she ensures neither her books nor her royalty checks come from black spruce-derived paper [see my previous blog on this, here].


John M. Grondelski (Ph.D., Fordham) was former associate dean of the School of Theology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. All views expressed herein are exclusively his.

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