God’s Small Favors

Every so often, God’s angels stage small favors to delight us


Community Faith

The parking lot was crammed, so I asked God to provide a car space. Sure enough, I spotted a car leaving and pulled in right after. Sometimes I forget to ask, but it happens anyway because my guardian angel is ever vigilant doing favorable things for me.

After shopping, I pushed my cart into Aisle 13. It was a busy Saturday with two customers ahead of me and five behind, waiting for check out. Only three (of 26!) aisles were open. Aisle 11 looked like someone was opening up, and I was tempted to bolt and leave my position in line. But since my cart was between aisle stacks, I turned to the young lady behind me and told her to go for it, which she promptly did.

Unfortunately, it was a janitor’s cap I saw over there, so Aisle 11’s register hadn’t been opened.  She smiled on returning and apologized to the guy previously behind her and tucked back in line behind me.

A few moments later the floor manager, seeing the long lines, came over to us. First glancing at the young gal behind me, she then beckoned me to follow her into Aisle 11. She had placed a “Closed” notice behind me that I attempted to remove for her, but she said, “Oh, no, leave that there. I’m opening for only one customer.”

That struck me as odd because one less customer wouldn’t shorten those long lines. What could possibly explain her peculiar response? We didn’t know each other except by facial recognition. She hadn’t seen my letting another go first.

Curious, I asked the counter clerk, “Why only one customer?” She just smiled. After I explained the irony of what had happened on Aisle 13, she said, “You have good karma.”

I told her that I might write a blog post about this. She misunderstood and handed me a yellow Post-It pad and pen. On spotting her name tag, I began my comments with “About Angela,” briefly describing this minor event. I had no need to question it further after remembering that, every so often, God’s angels stage small favors to delight us.

Romans 8:28 reads, “In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him”– in all things, even an elderly gentleman’s relief from a long wait.


Richard M. DellOrfano spent ten years on a cross-country pilgrimage following Christ’s instruction to minister without possessions. He is completing his autobiography: Path Perilous, My Search for God and the Miraculous.

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