Unsolicited Manuscripts
All unsolicited manuscripts (articles or guest columns only) intended for the NEW OXFORD REVIEW should be sent to:

Pieter Vree, Editor
New Oxford Review
1069 Kains Ave.
Berkeley CA 94706-2260

Manuscripts may also be sent via email to: pietervree@newoxfordreview.org

Rejected manuscripts will be returned only if the sender supplies a stamped, self-addressed return envelope with sufficient postage. Nonresidents of the U.S. who cannot supply U.S. postage should always send a copy of the manuscript which they do not need returned.

Please send a dark, double-spaced manuscript, and include your phone numbers, indicating when you can usually be reached where. Do not submit your manuscript to the NOR if you are submitting it to any other periodical simultaneously.

Please note: simultaneous submissions and previously published submissions are not accepted.

Unsolicited Book Reviews
All unsolicited book reviews intended for the NEW OXFORD REVIEW should be emailed to:

Book Review Editor, Barbara E. Rose: books@newoxfordreview.org