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Morning must-reads

October 19

Federal agents investigate abuse in Penn. dioceses

For transporting minors across state lines, pornography

Buffalo seminary blamed for corruption of priests

Former lay employee: 'It was a hotbed of sexual activity'

Pope: ‘I believe the Lord wants a change in the Church’

Tells Jesuits to 'move the Council forward in the Church'

Aussie students to Synod: Address doctrinal ‘ambiguity’

Say 'senior prelates' purposely use 'ambiguous language'

Without a ceasefire, mass starvation looms in Yemen

Famine is 'wholly man-made' by warring parties, sponsors

Next March for Life theme: ‘Pro-life is pro-science’

Focus on facts of conception, perils of stem-cell research

October 18

Iraq Christians: 'One wave of persecution' from extinct

Chaldean Catholic archbishop calls the process 'genocide'

Pope to Italian seminarians: Report abuse ‘immediately’

Tells them to go to bishop, even confront brother priest

Judges threatened as Pakistan awaits blasphemy ruling

Popes Benedict, Francis have called for Asia Bibi's release

Youth synod bishops talk pastoral care via technology

Iceland bishop uses tech in outreach to huge diocese

Mothers with PhDs educate French president Macron

We’re ‘perfectly educated’ and have large families also

NIH, HHS use aborted baby parts to 'humanize mice'

Contract, running 2013-2020, costs taxpayers $13.7 million

October 17

Pope at daily Mass: 'Be careful' around rigid Christians

'Always, behind rigidity, there are problems, grave problems'

Cdl. Sarah warns on ‘watering down’ Church teaching

We must respect, promote 'the idealism of young people'

AP: 'Pressure' on Vatican to give women vote at synods

A superior general: Issue is being discussed in synod halls

Russian Orthodox Church splits from Constantinople

In response to 'lawless and canonically void' actions

D.C. archdiocese runs ad on CNN praising Cdl. Wuerl

Paid for by pewsitters via the archdiocesan annual appeal

Americans pressured 'to think a certain way' of Islam

Study finds more self-censorship here than on other topics

October 16

Film spurs hundreds of abuse allegations in Poland

Depiction of corrupt priests breaks local box-office records

Draft of Synod document has already been prepared

But final product will be voted on paragraph-by-paragraph

Chinese leaders unleash mass detention of Muslims

Hundreds of thousands are held in 'transformation' camps

Taiwan offers second invite to Pope following China deal

Concerned that Holy See could drop diplomatic relations

Pittsburgh diocese begins painful parish consolidations

188 parishes will be combined into 57 multi-parish groups

‘Gosnell’ film is top indie release despite press blackout

Media ignore it, except for reviews in L.A. Times, Forbes

October 15

Pope canonizes Paul VI, Archbishop Romero, five others

Pope used Paul VI’s chalice, wore Romero’s cincture at Mass

N.Y. Times: Pope still ignorant 'as another prelate falls'

He doesn't seem to understand damage done by abuse

O’Malley expands abuse probe to all Boston seminaries

'To meet expected levels of transparency, accountability'

U.S. Christian pastor freed from Turkey by Trump deal

Brunson spent 21 months in jail, two under house arrest

Wash. Supreme Court: Death penalty is arbitrary, biased

Decision bars its use, making state one of twenty to do so

Pope laicizes two Chilean bishops for abusing minors

Survivor: Now two fewer pedophile bishops in the Church

October 12

Pope accepts Cdl. Wuerl’s resignation as D.C. archbishop

Will remain as administrator until replacement is appointed

Belgian bishop at Synod brings up married priests

Says some young men would answer 'here I am' if called

O'Malley says Vatican should investigate Buffalo bishop

Responds to reporters on Malone's handling of abuse

Orthodox leader affirms independent Ukrainian Church

Move will heighten tensions with Russian Orthodox Church

Nat'l Episcopal Cathedral to be LGBT ‘pilgrimage’ site

As final resting place of gay-rights icon Matthew Shepard

Planned P'hood plans abortion ‘underground railroad’

Unveils three-part contingency plan for a post-Roe America

October 11

S. Korean bishop discusses possible papal visit to North

Ensuring presence of priests, religious freedom would help

25 churches sue city of Austin, TX over hiring ordinance

We rely on the Bible not new 'cultural fads' for guidance

Vatican names writers of final Youth Synod document

Mostly papal allies, and no bishops from the United States

Kenya bishops reject condoms in fight against HIV/AIDS

Advocate 'other proven ways' to prevent the disease

Lawsuit accuses Calif. bishops of sex abuse cover-up

Meanwhile, dioceses release lists of priests credibly accused

Niger: Italian missionary priest kidnapped by Islamists

Maccalli worked against practices like female genital mutilation

October 10

Synod break-out groups offer their first reports

Youth want clear statements of Christ, Church teaching

Indian lawmaker: Let's 'get rid of Christian missionaries’

Hard-line Hindu's threat is branded as a political ploy

Synod's first reports keep focus on abuse, sexuality

Scandal undermines our work 'in practically every way'

U.K.: Christian bakers win ‘gay cake’ case at high court

Rules no discrimination on basis of orientation, politics

Pope Francis: Abortion is like hiring a hitman

Says, 'Violence and rejection of life are born from fear'

Courage founder discouraged 'zero tolerance' on abuse

Harvey argued for priests' rehabilitation, return to ministry

October 9

Kim Jong Un invites Pope Francis to meet in Pyongyang

S. Korean president Moon, a Catholic, will deliver invite

U.S. bishops' leaders met with Pope Francis yesterday

Neither Holy See nor USCCB issued statement about it

Chaput at Synod: Document contains 'false flattery'

World doesn’t need 'just another purveyor of ethical pieties'

Scicluna on Pope's handling of abuse: 'Give him time'

Says youth synod isn't place for answers on abuse crisis

Pope praises families of married Eastern-rite priests

Says 'the families of priests live a unique mission today'

Pakistani high court reserves judgement on Bibi case

Three judges decline to announce decision on the verdict

October 8

Cdl. Ouellet: Viganò in ‘open and scandalous rebellion'

Explains how McCarrick maneuvered himself in gray area

Vatican pledges 'thorough study' of McCarrick files

To ascertain facts and 'place them in their historical context'

Pakistani Christians call for fasting, prayer for Bibi

Christian woman on death row makes final court appeal

Pope: Divorce doesn’t correspond to Creator’s intention

It's a concession that closes 'the failures of our egoism'

Senate votes to confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

One calls the vetting process a 'dysfunctional circus'

Archbishop at Synod apologizes to youth for sex abuse

And for 'poor preaching' and 'unbeautiful liturgies'

October 5

Chilean cardinal remains silent at abuse hearing

After promise to cooperate, his lawyers advise opposite

Cdl. Müller urges Pope to reconcile with Viganò

And 'give answers to [his] accusations or questions'

China tightens control of religious websites

Sees 'security issues' in 'religions that operate online'

Brazilian cardinal tells Synod: Listen to young people

In these times, 'we cannot presume to know' their world

Police raid all seven Michigan diocesan offices

Investigation launched last month by AG Bill Schuette

Chaput to Synod: Announce Christ not ‘ideologies'

Says 'LGBTQ' shouldn't be used in Church documents

October 4

"So Help Me God" in citizenship oath upheld

Fed. court rejects Establishment-Clause claim

Cardinal: Foreign mercenaries undermining CAR

Armed groups, backers have 'hegemony over' assets

Scotland: Don't fly Vatican flag in ‘provocative' way

Action included on list of potentially offensive symbols

Irish docs call for robust conscience protections

Majority of GPs are unwilling to perform abortions

Müller: Abuse probe of UK cardinal was stopped

No details, as he's 'bound by Pontifical Secret'

Synod's day one: Silence surrounds abuse crisis

Allen: Will prelates acknowledge elephant in room?

October 3

Pope opens three-week Synod on young people

Rome gathering includes 300 participants, 49 auditors

John Paul II's message to youth is worth revisit

Called Church 'custodian of fundamental truths, values'

Sudan releases shipment of Bibles held for six years

Arabic Bibles languished in shipping containers at port

Aussie bishop weighs pros, cons of married priests

'The practical pastoral difficulties aren't insurmountable'

German bp. won't ordain traditionalists as priests

Latin Mass, FSSP are anathema among German prelates

Increasing numbers of missionaries are Mexican

Pontifical Mission Societies president visits Mexico City

October 2

Ex-FBI agents to help group investigate cardinals

Better Church Governance watchdog plans dossiers

Two Chinese bishops 'invited by the Pope' to Synod

One was formerly excommunicated, now reconciled

Vatican newspaper: Women must fight clericalism

To surmount deeply entrenched and outdated traditions

Coptic Christians nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

For not retaliating against deadly, ongoing persecution

Calif. governor vetoes campus ‘abortion pill’ law

Brown: 'Not necessary' as clinics are 'widely available'

Monaco princess out of British line of succession

Distant relative reminds that Catholics are still barred