December 1999, Volume LXVI, Number 11

Rome — or Beach Blanket Babylon
Get rid of ‘Rome’ and what will be left in the end is California.
Catholicism Is Y2K-Compliant
Unlike the computer, the Church won’t confuse one century with another.
But Are Catholics B.C./A.D.-Compliant?
Before the “Common Era,” did mankind live in an uncommon era?
Where Charity & Love Prevail
Everyone welcomed. No questions asked.
Speak Ye Uncomfortably to Jerusalem
“Harden not your hearts! And soften not your seats.”
Billy Graham’s Crumbling Journalistic Legacy
Is Christianity Today going homosexualist?
Number One in Spirituality?
I’m Fr. Tops, the best spiritual director in America. (No confessions, please.)
Sweet Lullaby?
Anglo-Catholicism was a victim of its own success

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