December 2010, Volume LXXVII, Number 10

What Lies Beneath
Many believe the successful rescue of the Chilean miners was a feat of divine intervention, but rival churches are trying to take credit for the miracle.
Zero-Tolerance Policy
Abortion advocates are becoming increasingly vociferous and violent in their insistence that no one has a right to disagree with them.
Outrage Alert!
Homosexuality is one of the most explosive issues of the day, and the polarization it causes at times exceeds even that of abortion.
Exodus & Bloodbath: Christians in the Middle East
Just days before the massacre of dozens of Christians during a Mass in Baghdad, Iraq's Chaldean Patriarch warned of a 'Satanic plan' to drive Christians out of the Middle East.
The Last Acceptable Prejudice
A man says he feels uncomfortable around Muslims on planes — and that makes him a racist? Just ask Juan Williams.

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