December 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 11

Archbishop Niederauer's Eucharistic Moment
What happens when the Archbishop of San Francisco comes face-to-face with costumed blasphemers? He gives them Communion.
The Dutch Are At It Again
The Dominicans in the Netherlands are agitating to open the priesthood to homosexuals, women, and married men.
Clandestine 'Communion'
Why does the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury feel it necessary to hold a "secret" Communion service with gay clergy?
Do Not Make Me a Gentile
The following blessing is recited every day by Jews: "Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, who did not make me a Gentile."
An Unknown Hero Has Been Beatified
Becasue Franz Jagerstatter refused to serve in Hitler's army he was beheaded in Berlin's Brandenburg Prison on August 9, 1943.
Fox TV Is Violent, Profane & Obscene
Fox TV, the neocons' heaviest cultural artillery, has done some of the greatest damage to the conservative cause in the culture wars.
The Department of Defense -- Porn Trafficker
The Department of Defense wants to sell pornography, and even though the law prohibits them, they found a way to do it.
Once a Prima Donna, Always a Prima Donna?
Look who's back -- and he's pontificating again. Like a moth to a flame, it seems Deal Hudson can't keep himself away from the limelight.

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