December 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 11

Our Churches Will Be Empty -- Part II
"It is our duty to be vigilant... Because, in the end, the people will assist at the Tridentine Mass and our churches will empty."
The Ridiculous Joan Chittister
Sr. Joan Chittister says that "nuns should not be discouraged by their falling number" despite the fact they're going extinct.
An Update on Fr. Timothy Radcliffe
The former Dominican Master General says Catholics need to stretch their minds by reading gay novels, having gay friends and listening to them.
It's Good For Business
"Gay consumers are wealthier than average, and loyal to brands that they perceive as gay-friendly," according to Reuters.
'Crisis' magazine calls for an end to "political mudslinging" and "political vitriol" -- meaning criticism of Bush's war in Iraq.
The Theocons
Is "theoconservativism" the revolutionary religious idea that is transforming the political and cultural landscape of our time?

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