December 2005, Volume LXXII, Number 11

The Miers Disaster
Democrats and Republicans alike seemed to agree that Harriet Miers is not an "ideologue" or an "extremist" -- code words for a prolifer.
"Thank Goodness, It Was With a Woman, Not a Man"
Conservative Catholic hero Monsignor Eugene Clark, foe of homosexuals in the clergy, is involved in a different kind of scandal.
Trouble Understanding Father's Accent?
If Catholics don't want to have large families, they should blame themselves for the priest shortage and not blame Father's accent.
Chrismukkah: It's In the Cards
A newly minted interfaith "holiday" is a multi-cultural mishmash of cherished rituals and customs with "no dogma and no rules."
The Exception Proves the Rule
LIberals say the cure for abortion is contraception, but more than half of all abortions occur when women have used contraceptives.

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