November 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 10

The 'Signs of the Times' Have Passed Them By
Traditional Catholics know which way the wind is blowing. How brutal for the Vatican II-niks! The "signs of the times" have passed them by.
Ordinary & Extraordinary
The Tridentine Latin Mass is extraordinary, from another source, from the outside world -- it takes one Heavenward.
'Let Us All Practice Charity'
Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J., of Georgetown University says, "Where there are groups that want [the Tridentine Mass], it's going to be a real pain in the neck."
The Woeful Plight of Iraqi Christians
Christians in Iraq are perceived as being allied with the foreign occupiers, but the Americans provide no special protection for them.
The Narco-State
"When the Taliban banned poppy cultivation in 2000, opium production declined by 94 percent. But after the Taliban fell.... cultivation has exploded...."
Definitely Not a Political Theorist
Cardinal Ratzinger "has given some popular currency to the phrase 'the dictatorship of relativism.' The true relativist...would have nothing to dictate to anyone."

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