November 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 10

'Just Say No'
The modcon Our Sunday Visitor is now advocating a new vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease given to girls at age 11.
EWTN: What Happened to Mother Angelica's Catholic Militancy
Since Mother Angelica left the airwaves, something seems to have gone wrong at her once staunchly Catholic television network.
Our Churches Will Be Empty
A Vatican official makes a prediction: "In the end, the people will assist at the Tridentine Mass and our churches will empty."
John Michael Talbot
The former country-rock star is concerned with "a reactionary return to the legalities and externals" of the pre-Vatican II Church.
How Lovely!
Communio, the premier journal for whooping up Hans Urs von Bathasar, informs us confidently that all men are indeed saved.
No Situation Justifies Taking the Life of a Baby in the Womb
If there is universal salvation, then abortion is not an "abominable crime" -- God automatically forgives everything.
The So-Called War on Terror
After the nuclear attacks on Japan, Gen. Curtis LeMay said, "There are no innocent civilians," and that's what Osama says.

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