November 2005, Volume LXXII, Number 10

When Will Prolifers Wise Up?
If any of our readers had any doubts about what we had to say regarding John Roberts, they can now quietly lay them to rest.
Emotionally Unintelligent?
Talk show host Janeane Garofalo's guru is Freud, and she often refers to someone as being "emotionally unintelligent." What does that mean?
Totalitarianism or Anarchy?
Homosexuals regard the outlawing of same-sex "marriage" as a violation of political and cultural freedom - a soft despotism.
"She Saw a Market Opening"
Cathy Gallagher is starting a line of greeting cards for adulterers, but she "doesn't take a position on whether affairs are good or bad."
"An Ancient Structure to Beckon Gods"
The labyrinth is "a large, complex circle which is an ancient symbol of the Divine Mother, the God within, the Goddess..."
What Does the Pope Know About World Affairs?
Where hot wars are concerned, many of Ratzinger's most ardent admirers find themselves diametrically at odds with the Pope.

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