October 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 9

Divisive or Diversity?
Fr. Richard McBrien has always claimed to be in favor of "diversity," but when it comes to the subject of the Old Mass, not so.
Does He Know the Mind of Satan?
George Kendall says some Traditionalists become so obsessed with restoring the old Mass that it becomes a kind of idol.
The U.S. Catholic Church is Sinking Fast -- Part II
According to a recent survey, zero percent of Catholics under age 30 said they have a "high" commitment to the Church.
Western Christianity & Muslim Societies on Morality
According to Pat Buchanan, Muslims hate us Westerners not for who we are but for what we do, e.g., abortion and sodomy.
Delusions of Grandeur
Former senator Rick Santorum has abandoned the culture war in order to join forces with the neocons calling for war on Iran.
'I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It'
In most daily newspapers prolifers are called "anti-abortion" and pro-aborts are called "pro-choice." But these are euphemisms.
Integrity or a Lie?
The Anglican Church of England would no doubt be close to shutting down if it weren't for "gay" and lesbian clergy.

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