October 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 9

How To Eliminate the Poor
Do certain liberals secretly believe in a "Master Race," one that can be achieved by killing blacks and Hispanics via abortion?
You Can Criticize Bad Bishops, But Don't You Dare Criticize the Pope Who Appointed Them
George Kendall accuses New Oxford Review of becoming a Protestant publication -- a bizarre and crazy accusation!
Wise Advice From a Vocations Director
Discipline the seminarian who sways when he walks, who has limp wrists, who acts like a drama queen or who lisps.
What's Good for the Corporations Is Good for America
Homosexuals have a lot of disposable income, and the Fortune 500 companies want to tap into that market. It's good for business.
Wily Guys
San Francisco Catholic Charities will continue to allow same-sex parents to adopt children, but they will refer them to another agency.
A New Catholic Community
"My name is Victoria Rue. And I am a Roman Catholic womanpriest." So began Mass and a 'new Catholic Community.'
The Beat Goes On
Why is it that our local Church leaders fail to muster more than soft talk when the very Deposit of Faith is publicly challenged?
In Vitro Clinics Are Death Camps
"If embryos are human beings with full human rights, fertility clinics are death camps -- with a side order of cold-blooded eugenics."
A Pox On Both Your Houses
Why does neocon George Weigel defend Condi Rice, a pro-war and pro-abortion member of the Bush administration?
"Relevant Public Authorities"?
Authority is exercised legitimately only when it employs morally licit means to attain it.

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