October 2002, Volume LXIX, Number 9

Lumps, Bumps & Meditation
The effects of linguistic re-ordering of priorities are far-reaching.
Playing Parents of “Gays” For Suckers
Your 19-year-old son announces out of the blue that he’s homosexual. St. Anthony Messenger to the rescue!
Is St. Monica Now Obsolete?
St. Anthony Messenger counsels understanding rather than praying for conversion of "gay persons."
In the Name of the Father-Mother, Ron Rolheiser & the Holy Spirit
Fr. Ron says that Jesus Christ missed the mark when He called God His Father.
A Schism at Communio ?
we weren’t the only ones who had major problems with Bishop Henrici's article.
Psychiatric Stations of the Cross
Compassion and psychobabble: What a perfect same-sex marriage! (note: sex scandal)
Priest-Psychologist Hangs Himself
If anyone doubts the veracity of Goodbye, Good Men, just contemplate Fr. Franco Imoda’s words.

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