September 2011, Volume LXXVIII, Number 7

Avoiding Guilt by Association
False doomsday prophecies and other gross theological errors that present faith as delusional and oppressive can taint all forms of Christianity and implicate all Christians to some extent.
The Luxury of Religious Fanaticism
Though we in the West have the luxury of religious fanaticism and the freedom to believe or reject false religious claimants as we see fit, our Christian brethren in other countries aren’t so “blessed.”
When Sectarian Violence Is Genocide
'Sanitized' news articles report Christian persecution as sectarian or ethnic violence, an inaccurate characterization of the reality of Christian minorities in the world today.
Unlearning Compassion in San Diego
Chancery decisions on thorny issues, like Church funerals for notorious apostates, are best made for the salvation of souls, and not for the bishop’s good name or the Church’s public image.

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