September 2005, Volume LXXII, Number 8

A "Compassionate Conservative" Advises Pope Benedict XVI
Bush's "faith-man" believes Ratzinger could be a good pontiff if only he will be "compassionate toward all God’s children."
Prolifers: Thanks for the Votes; We'll See You Again in Four Years
"According to the White House, Judge Roberts does not oppose Roe v. Wade." What more do you need to know?
Automatic Forgiveness
Fr. Ron Rolheiser says Jesus provides automatic forgiveness. Commit suicide if you want. Fr. Ron is giving you permission.
Benedict the Moderate?
Fr. Richard McBrien gets emotional over the jubilation of Catholics who hail the election of Pope Benedict XVI.
A Case Study in the Theology of Apology
As for apologies to homosexuals, the saga of San Diego Bishop Robert Brom could be instructive.
"Perhaps the Most Powerful Man in the Church in America"
Who is he? According to Britain's leading Catholic periodical, none other than Fr. Joseph Fessio.

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