July-August 1999, Volume LXVI, Number 7

Because the itch to editorialize comes over us frequently...
Happily Unplugged
Email doesn't bring "new energy," but "new fatigue"
“What? You’re Not Depressed?”
Might Jesus put a dent in the shrink business?
The Dumbbell Feminese Dialect
“Maximum possible fidelity to the sacred Scriptures”?
Shack-Ups & Shakedowns on Campus
Just who qualifies as a "partner" in a "partnership"?
Our Sunday Diversity Training
Passion in the pages of Our Sunday Visitor for a change. But about crayons?
Atheism for Catholics?
Has the NCR become the village atheist?
These Are Family-Life Experts?
Trustworthy advice for parents who happen upon the “Your Family” page in Time magazine

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