July-August 2011, Volume LXXVIII, Number 6

Universae Ecclesiae: A Blow Against Liturgical Absolutism
A new Vatican document makes it clear that the old Latin and new vernacular Masses are both valid, a distinct refusal of liturgical absolutism.
An All-New 'New Liturgical Movement'?
The Pope’s vision of a “hybrid” Roman rite may be an altogether new Mass, a third form that blends the best of both the old Latin and new forms.
Out of the Liturgical Ghetto
While we wait for a revival of the Traditional Latin Mass, it’s interesting to examine survey results from Europe which reveal pent up demand for the old rite.
Stephen Hawking: The Spiritually Blind International Killjoy
When a celebrity physicist calls Heaven a “fairy story for people afraid of the dark,” perhaps it reveals more about him than about Heaven or other people.

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