July-August 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 7

Outlaw Blues
Why is it that gay and lesbian students enjoy special protection from harassment while religious students do not?
'Diversity is the Hallmark of our Nation'
It's official: according to a Massachusetts judge, Americans must approve of homosexuality -- religion be damned.
Homosexual Civil Unions in Sweden & Norway
Attempts to codify permanence into homosexual relationships via state recognition of same-sex "marriage" will inevitably fail.
What Is More Dangerous: Smoking or Homosexuality?
According to a recent study, engaging in homosexual behavior reduces men's lifespan by 24 years in Norway and Denmark.
Is God a Psychopath?
If the Crucifixion isn't about our sin and atonement, then everyone goes to Heaven. So, why be a Christian?
Just Click for Confession
Confession is now available for Protestants, who can just type in their sins for public viewing on internet websites.
'Nothing Positive Comes from Iraq,' Says Pope Benedict
The figures are telling: two million Iraqis are displaced internally and two million others have already fled the country.
A Disconnect
What's the difference between the Democrat's laissez-faire sex and the Republican's do-your-own-thing capitalism?
The New Mass Just Can't Be Fixed
Wishy-washy Our Sunday Visitor is not known for taking strong stands; so, why is it so opposed to the Traditional Mass?

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