July/August 2005, Volume LXXII, Number 7

Reading Between the Lines
Bishop Mulvee hopes that Benedict XVI will "unite the entire church."
"My Friend Benedict XVI"
"Fr. Fessio's total media saturation on 'my friend Ratzinger' is getting a bit annoying."
The Same Old Song & Dance
America magazine (again) calls for an "open discussion" of "birth control, divorce, women priests,...homosexuality..."
A Machiavellian Misfire?
The Legion of Christ claims the Vatican has dropped its investigation of its founder - but is it true?
Liberal Catholic Father, Muslim Son
Marquette U. theologian Daniel McGuire's "faith" didn't stick to his son.
Now They Tell You! (Part III)
Crisis magazine argues that overturning Roe v. Wade "will only embed abortion further."
"The Real Post-Conciliar Reforms"?
We can think of a few things that Vatican II did that were good and necessary - but only a few.
America's Increasingly Feminist and Homosexual Military
Bush’s military isn’t reconsidering the feminist experiment devised under Bill Clinton; it is completing it.
A Heart of Gold
Despite his bizarre theology, at least Bishop Gumbleton practices what he preaches.

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