July-August 2003, Volume LXX, Number 7

Catholicism for Dummies in Pleasant Monthly Installments
The "new" Crisis magazine says its dumbing down its message to help idiots "clarify their thinking."
What Is It About the American College of Louvain?
The seminary's Vice Rector for Recruitment is being investigated for - you guessed it - buggering teenage boys.
Devious “Gay” Priests
An (anonymous) homosexual priest "speaks out” in Commonweal.
OSV's Spirituality for Sensitive Guys
The sensitive guys at e5 are totally in line with our mainstream feminist culture.
A Lecture on Treating Prelates “Respectfully”
ALL's Judie Brown urges bishops to ‘respectfully’ deny Communion to those whose presence ‘defiles the Mass and the Body of Christ.’

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