July-August 2002, Volume LXIX, Number 7

Show & Tell for Priests
America magazine blames the scandals on “a repressive clerical culture.”
Desperately Jesuitical
Fr. James Keenan, S.J., is worried that the “scapegoat” for the priestly sex scandals will be “gay priests.”
Sheer Effrontery
This dude has figured out how to solve the priestly sex crisis. His humble recommendation: ordain dudettes.
Eucharistic Ring-Around-the-Rosy
It appears that Fr. Ron Rolheiser, who has a syndicated newspaper column, has quite a track record of ticking off his readers.
What Burns Your Toast?
“There are times when I feel Fr. Neuhaus may be right. Now is not one of them.”
Zen Ecumenism
Instead of universal salvation, let’s focus on ecumenism, where again we see that Fr. Neuhaus is more theologically liberal than many people realize.
Silliness Has Serious Consequences
The Last Acceptable Prejudice — hold your breath now — is against people who are overweight.
The Weight of the World
Evidently, overweight kids are holding more than Twinkies and Cheetos in their chubby paws — they also hold the fate of the world!
On the Frontier
That frontier of innovation, it turns out, is the frontier of oblivion.

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