July-August 2001, Volume LXVIII, Number 7

Vengeance Is NOT Mine, Says “the Lord”
The Oklahoma City bomber and his 168 victims are going straight to heaven -- so says Fr. Ron Ashmore.
To Be Porn-Free Is to Be Second Class?
The American Library Association has filed a lawsuit to block the Children’s Internet Protection Act.
In Praise of “Coming Out” (Or: You Tell & We’ll Ask)
There’s a debate taking place in the Church as to whether homosexual teachers in Catholic schools should “come out.”
Opposed to Abortion, But…
There is no disjunction between “opposing abortion” and being “a voice of peace, justice and compassion.”
“More Egocentric Than Theocentric”
Message to dejected Catholics: Don’t jump ship. Gird up your loins. Stay and fight.

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