June 2003, Volume LXX, Number 6

The Waning Legacy of Cardinal Bernardin
The Seamless Garment Network has changed its name.
The Exclusivity of the “Gospel of Inclusion”
Well, we take our hats off, left-handedly, to Bishop Carlton Pearson.
“I’m Afraid of What People Will Think…”
Angela Watrous's theology: God loves people “regardless of whom they slept with.”
Pictures at an Exhibitionist Protest
The first casualty of antiwar protests is traffic.
Is Vatican II Ancient History?
“What might have happened if, instead of Karol Wojtyla, the conclave had chosen a different man, someone who took the name Pius XIII?
Opium for Catholics
Karl Marx was wrong about a lot of things, but his rebuke to religion carried a kernel of truth.
What About Predator Lesbian Nuns?
It would appear that sexual license in women’s religious orders is much worse than among priests.

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