May 2008, Volume LXXV, Number 5

The U.S. Catholic Church Is Sinking Fast -- Part III
The more Catholics enjoy the material and social comforts of mainstream America, it seems, the more they lose their faith.
No Atheists in Earthquakes
When confronted with fallen-away Catholics, we must not be derelict in our duty to perform the spiritual works of mercy.
Sea Change
God bless the priests who come to minister in Europe and the Americas, the mission territory of the new millennium.
Light Years From Home
The Lutheran liturgy is light years away from the Catholic Mass, no matter how much the former is dressed up or the latter dressed down.
Muddier Waters
The U.S. bishops did not intend to suggest that Catholics who vote for a pro-choice candidates are putting their souls in jeopardy.
Wonderful Are Your Works
Every life is valuable in and of itself. Every life is capable of giving glory to God, and therefore every life is worthy of our protection.

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