May 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 5

Heroic Mothers
"I guess she knew the secret of life, and it is not in receiving but giving."
We Think We're Making a Difference
It looks as if Fr. Ron Rolheiser has taken our criticism to heart. He's changed his mind about the concept of universal salvation.
Andrew Messaros Saw It Coming
Tom Monaghan learned the hard way: it isn't going to be easy to rid Ave Maria of Father Fessio, who survived a Donald Trump-style firing.
Absolutely Null & Utterly Void
According to Pope Leo XIII, Anglican Orders are "absolutely null and utterly void." That makes the Anglo-Catholic "Eucharist" invalid, too.
The Most Equivocal Man In Town
According to San Francisco's Archbishop George Niederauer, homosexuality had nothing to do with clergy sex abuse cases.

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