May 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 5

Panegyrics for Archbishop Niederauer
It's amazing when Communist officials have greater wisdom about disordered behavior than does the Archbishop of San Francisco.
Cardinal Levada Advises Priests to Cover Up Their Homosexuality
The new Prefect for the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith advises that homosexual priests, rather than publicly revealing their 'sexual orientation,' should stay in the closet.
Another Neocon Is Pleased With the Document on Homosexuals In the Seminaries
Robert Royal says, unlike some Catholics, he has faith in Pope Benedict -- but not when it comes to the Iraq War.
"The Legionaries Aren't Rich"
With a $650 million yearly budget and a founder known for his opulent lifestyle, why are Legion seminarians begging for hotdog buns?
Sock It To Us! Fling Us Into That Brier-Patch
Catholic commentator Pete Vere calls NOR "useful idiots of the gay agenda" and says Dale Vree is definitely going to Hell!
Role Models
American society says we need role models for blacks, American Indians, homosexuals, girls who want to go into science...
Do Peaceniks Really Believe "Peace Is Patriotic"
It appears that opportunistic Peaceniks are jumping on the bandwagon with bumperstickers of their own.
"Don't Go After the Good Guys"
The trouble is that many modcons and neocons refuse to speak up, and sometimes even run interference for the liberals.

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