May 2004, Volume LXXI, Number 5

Impressive Sacrifices
Maybe there should be a kind of Oscar Award for The Most Prodigious Lenten Sacrifice.
Some Ecumenical Straight-Talk
Ecumania is burning itself out. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church’s bilateral ecumenical dialogues just go on and on.
Thank Goodness for the Unitarians!
The new queer theologians don’t need your approval.
Why (Most) Women Will Never Again Be Happy
What happens when the professional-class woman has children?
His Grace, the Most Reverend Richard G. Roy, OSJD: Primate of Destiny
In case you know of women who want to be ordained, and/or same-sex couples who want a church wedding.
Reading Tea Leaves
Crisis dumps the Catholic Press Association, but for all the wrong reasons.
Can the Pope Overrule A Vatican II Document?
When it comes to liturgy, Gabe Huck would get the Most Despised Man in America Award.

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