April 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 4

God's Love Is Unconditional for Homosexuals (& Therefore for Everyone)
If God's love is unconditional for everyone, then God is "the Nice Guy Upstairs," and you can do anything you want (fill in the blank).
Works of Mercy?
Neither the Corporal Works of Mercy nor the Spiritual Works of Mercy include soliciting prostitutes for disabled men.
Touch, Touchy!
Dick Cheney might be callous and impervious when it comes to war, but he's thin-skinned when it comes to his lesbian daughter.
Situation Critical
How far has marriage sunk? Married couples in 2005, as a proportion of U.S. households, "have finally slipped into a minority."
Good News & Bad News
In Africa, every year six million Muslims convert to Christianity, and very few Christians convert to Islam. In Europe it's a different story.

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