April 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 4

How Many Berkeley Students Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb
It takes 51. You'll notice that's quite a lot more than it takes other groups of people to change a lightbulb.
Whoop-dee-do: A Catholic Bishop on MTV
The Diocese of Providence must be desperate again; it's gone back to advertising on the salacious rock music network.
"He Doesn't Want to Upset People"
Father Joseph Fessio seems a little disappointed that his close friend Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Levada to an important Vatican post.
A smart-dressing Pentecostal pastor has discovered that his God-loves-everyone 'Gospel of Inclusion' is driving his church members away.
Oz Reborn
The imposition of 'safe spaces' for homosexuality has effectively displaced 'religion' and 'belief systems' from the classroom.
A School That Discriminates
Catholic schools may not mind being dupes from homosexual activists, but a Calvinist school in California wants no part in it.
"I'm Looking Forward to Your Correction"
Yes, Amy, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but when you put pen to paper, please, would you make up your mind?
"I'd Rather Be Roasting Heretics"
Hey, don't take it literally. It's a joke. What it means -- with our characteristic hyperbole -- is that we'd love to see dissenters run out of the Church.
"Crash Nash"
It took a few years, but the Vatican has ruled that the former vocations director for the American College of Louvain is a homosexual child abuser.

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