February 2008, Volume LXXV, Number 2

The Future Has Arrived
The Tridentine Latin Mass is "catching on among young Catholics.... it is a hit with younger priests and their parishioners."
A Perplexing Political Potpourri
The U.S. bishops have buried the burning political issues of the day under an avalanche of lesser considerations.
The Emasculate and Effeminate Priesthood
A manly man wants to do manly things -- he doesn't secretly wish to be a nursing mother. An effeminate man does!
Prostitutes in Portsmouth?
Bishop Crispian Hollis wants to legalize brothels. But, says Bishop Hollis, "that's not to say that I approve of prostitution."
'Rebellion Against the Pope'
A number of English bishops, including the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, is displeased with Summorum Pontificum.

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