February 2003, Volume LXX, Number 2

Funerals in the Free Market
We kinda like the idea of going to the cemetery in a 4x4 instead of a hearse.
Hocus-Pocus Catholicism?
Fr. Kevin Codd would appear to be denying that Transubstantiation is a miracle.
Mental Illness as a Family Value
The nation’s "top psychologists" are pushing an “entirely new category of mental illness."
Beware of Ronitis, The Latest Deadly Disease
Fr. Ron says suicide is a "painful disease."
Is It Time for Co-ed Rectories & Religious Communities?
A debate is raging as to whether homosexually inclined men should continue to be admitted to seminaries.
What Psychologists “Know”
We can’t have priests, especially “gay” priests with their “gifts,” repress their sexuality.

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