January 2008, Volume LXXV, Number 1

Archbishop Burke Has Courage
The Archbishop of St. Louis isn't turning his head away from the fact that two Catholic women have had themselves 'ordained' priestesses.
Be Fruitful & Multiply
In the wake of our culture's widespread use of contraception, we have experienced an increased prevalence of a number of evils.
Pope Benedict XVI Is Ambivalent About the Second Vatican Council
The Pope says that he was "too timid" in the period immediately after Vatican II in challenging avant-garde theological positions.
'Gay' Is Good -- for Business
The major corporations are leading the way for homosexual "rights." Good capitalists never ignore a lucrative market.
'Nothing Short of Miracles'
Homosexuals are continuously accused of lacking stability and the deepest kind of commitment in relationships -- with good reason.
Msgr. Mannion Is Infatuated With the Modern World
Even after Pope Benedict XVI's explicit universal indult for the Traditional Latin Mass, Our Sunday Visitor is still dismissive of the old rite.
'The Great Blunder'
You can't blame dreamers for giving bad advice. Dreamers tend to do that. The mistake is to take the dreamers seriously.

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