January 2007, Volume LXXIV, Number 1

Not in the Limelight
Jim Holman is a Catholic who knows his money and talents are only a loan, and that he will have to account for them on Judgment Day.
Pro-Abortion & Anti-War?
If you are anti-war and pro-abortion, and you won't recognize that you are making war on the unborn, you are not really anti-war.
Pro-Life & Pro-War?
Fr. Pavone is a great prolife leader, but why can't he think with the mind of the Church instead of the mind of the Republican party?
Media Comfort
Media comfort is the enemy of media debate. If you don't listen to all sides in politics, you are not staying intellectually sharp.
What Happened to Rick Santorum?
In an effort to attract moderates, the Pennsylvania senator capitulated on every key point dear to conservatives -- and was voted out of office.

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