January 2006, Volume LXXIII, Number 1

"But What About Socialization?"
Many believe the problem with homeschooling is the socialization of children. One couple, however, believes they have the answer.
A Princely Salary
Fr. Neuhaus defends his comments about his "princely salary" as a use of irony, yet his statement can hardly be considered ironic.
"A Deeper Ground"?
When we take liberals to task, no one calls us "condescending" or "arrogant." But when we take on neoconservatives the namecalling begins.
Kill 'Em!
The National Catholic Register wants to soothe the consciences of Catholic soldiers who feels they violated the Fifth Commandment in Iraq.
Hit Men For Opus Dei
Did you know that the editors of New Oxford Review (and their wives) are hit men for Opus Dei? That's what we read on Mark Shea's blog.

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