January 2004, Volume LXXI, Number 1

Special Breeds & Lesser Breeds
It would appear that homosexuals are a special breed entitled to special privileges in the Episcopal Church.
Democracy, Anyone?
Democratizing the hierarchal structure of the Church is a pet project of liberal Catholics.
How Many of Our Priests Are Leading Secret Lives?
Some Catholics believe in universal salvation because they refuse to give up their sins.
Priestly Pedophilia: Soul-Murders or Merely “Incidents”?
Bishop Moynihan, your Freudian slip is showing.
God the Father, the Elephantine God — Whatever
There are still Catholic bishops who believe that a Third Vatican Council could authorize priestesses and bishopettes.
The “New Springtime” for the Church Is a Long Ways Off
A new book tells the story of the calamitous decline of the Catholic Church in America since 1965.
“Be Not a Troublemaker”
How CUF became the bishops' friend.

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