January 2000, Volume LXVII, Number 1

Workers of the World, Unite! — In Front of the Boob Tube
“Prime-time roles” for “people of color on the small screen”
From Mere Christianity To Merest Christianity
C.S. Lewis’s definition is losing its very intelligibility
All Power to The (Smart) People
“It’s more important to be fleet of mind than fetching of breast…”?
The Prophet Elijah Deported & King David’s Condo Up for Sale
“Savor the spirituality and luxury of Jerusalem’s newest quarter.”
Right From the Mare’s Mouth
The Church’s opposition to homosexual acts is “deeply connected” to the Church’s opposition to priestesses
Consider the Fruits
If your aren't sure about the Priestess Tree, consider its poisonous fruits
The Not Quite Good Enough Catholic
There are books one returns to now and again for their sheer badness.
Excuses, Excuses
Why are Anglicans more tired on Sunday mornings nowadays than they were 30 years ago?
Bishop Fred?
If Episcopalians want to call their bishop by his (or her) first name, that’s their business.
The Atheist, the Cardinal & The Liberals
John Henry Newman and Friedrich Nietzsche had something in common.
Dogma: A Damnable Mess of a Movie
Nothing here to engage you and much to depress you.

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