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December 2008

So much for the Catholic majority on the bench.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case brought by David Parker against a Lexington, Massachusetts, public elementary school that Parker claimed had been violating state law by indoctrinating children in the homosexual lifestyle.

On April 27, 2006, Parker and his wife, Tonya, along with another set of parents, Joseph and Robin Wirthlin, filed suit in a Massachusetts federal court in response to Estabrook Elementary School's and the Lexington School District's refusal to give prior notification to parents when the school presents homosexually supportive material to children, and for their refusal to allow parents to "opt out" of such presentations.

The Parkers' son was in kindergarten when he was given a book titled Who's in a Family?, which includes depictions of two homosexual households, as part of a "Diversity Book Bag" containing optional reading material. When he was in first grade, the same book was available in his classroom library, along with a book titled Molly's Family about "gay" and lesbian relationships. The Wirthlins' son was read King and King by his second-grade teacher during class time, a book that depicts a romance and eventual "marriage" between two princes.

The Parkers' and Wirthlins' suit claimed that the school district's policy "was contrary to their religious views and parental rights to raise their children in accordance with their personal beliefs," and that the school administration "intentionally interfered with their Fourteenth Amendment due process rights to direct the moral upbringing of their own children."

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New Oxford Notes: December 2008

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"From its position of strength, the goal of the homosexual movement, Suprenant writes, is to "remake society." As most Americans don't know, this is worst than the financial meltdown.

With homosexual gremlins sprouting even from unlikely places, this is certainly renewing the face of the earth by the unholy spirit!

No wonder, our Blessed Mother in Fatima had to say "...but in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph." which seems to imply that initially, the Church will appear to be defeated. How painful that period will be before the triumph, commensurate to the requirement of divine justice resulting from the sinfulness of humanity. The gates of hell will indeed exert every diabolic power to prevail against the Holy Mother Church.

May we (who pray to remain faithful to the Church) indeed, weak and powerless as we are, be sustained by the Holy Spirit until this ordeal is over. Just like the Battle of Lepanto, when everything appeared to be headed for defeat having been outnumbered and 'out-boat'. The power of the Rosary!
Posted by: humblesoldier
December 11, 2008 07:26 AM EST
I do not understand why, if this country is indeed 80% or more "Christian", why there is not more outrage at the public education homosexual agenda. Diversity and mulitcultural are two words that are code words, in my mind, for the undermining of traditional American values. The public school system is supported by the tax payer to ensure that our children become informed and responsible citizens of this country. Part of this education is to teach our children the Judeo-Christian philosophy that is the bedrock of the society of this country. The reason for so much vulgarity, dishonesty and corruption is because the citizen of today is not rooted in the fundamental tenets that made this country great. We are in a social as well as a financial meltdown and it is painfully showing. Sadly, this country is being led down this disgusting path by so-called catholics that claim to be Catholic but have their own version of what that means. The mainstreaming of homosexual behavior is one example of this tragic slide. Posted by: awunsch
December 12, 2008 05:59 PM EST
Let's refer to the homosexual culture as "not-so-gay" for its relentless, fascistic attacks on a country that treats them better than most others. Increasingly, as with feminism and environmentalism, the not-so-gay movement is a tool in the anti-Western, anti-Christianity bag of diversity tricks. Posted by: j17ghs
December 26, 2008 02:59 PM EST
Oh well, try to look on the bright side. Once the gay as normal win we can have great fun in checking the boxed marked other/lesbigaytrans and then all be equal under the law. Posted by: martillo
December 29, 2008 09:21 PM EST
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