Do Not Make Me a Gentile

December 2007

There has been an uproar among some Jewish spokesmen because Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum has liberated the Tridentine Latin Mass according to the missal of 1962, which, in its Good Friday liturgy, includes an intercessory prayer for the conversion of the Jews.

The prayer in the 1962 Tridentine missal, Good Friday liturgy, reads:

Let us pray also for the Jews: that our God and Lord would remove the veil from their hearts: that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us pray.
Let us kneel down.
Almighty and everlasting God, Who drivest not away from Thy mercy even the Jews: hear our prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people: that acknowledging the light of Thy truth, which is Christ, they may be rescued from their darkness. Through the same our Lord.
The Tridentine Good Friday liturgy also includes prayers "FOR HERETICS AND SCHISMATICS" and "FOR CONVERSION OF UNBELIEVERS."

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New Oxford Notes: December 2007

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Touché! Posted by: jackclough
December 21, 2007 06:44 AM EST
Great note! Why is it disrespectful to pray for people's conversion?

I always just assumed that my non-Catholic (but believing) family members were praying for my conversion. I have mormon relatives and I am pretty sure they are praying for my conversion.

I hope so anyway. Such prayers clearly show two things: 1) My family loves me and wants to see me in Heaven someday (even if they are totally wrong re: their truth claims) and 2) They BELIEVE... they have faith in their religion (even if they are wrong)

Rest assured, I am praying for their conversion to the true Church founded by Jesus Christ.

If I didn't care about them, I wouldn't pray for them to come to the truth. If they didn't care for me, they wouldn't pray for me to come to what they regard as the "truth."

Why would prayers for conversion be offensive?
Posted by: eakter
January 12, 2008 04:06 PM EST
This is indeed a "strange tongue". Praying that the Jews remain Jews while we pray for the conversion of all other peoples of God is indeed strange. Without "nuancing" it greatly one would think from this that we did not love the Jews. Posted by: martillo
February 01, 2008 11:40 AM EST
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